The State Of JavaScript

JavaScript is great!

JavaScript is a mess!

The JavaScript world is richer and messier than ever.

So we collected data from over 20,000 developers, asking them questions on topics ranging from front-end frameworks and state management, to build tools and testing libraries.

You'll find out which libraries developers want to learn next, and which have the best satisfaction ratings. And hopefully, get a better understanding of the ever-changing JavaScript ecosystem.

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Random Comments

JS seems to be settling down. I'm more productive and feel less behind all the time.

StateOfJS is Made by:

Raphaël Benitte

Creator of the Nivo JavaScript data visualization library as well as Mozaik, a tool for building beautiful dashboards.

Sacha Greif

Author of Discover Meteor and creator of VulcanJS, a React+GraphQL open-source framework.

Michael Rambeau

JavaScript developer and creator of Bestof.js, a platform that provides insights and resources about JavaScript libraries.